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This is an introduction how to use the


Get a User Account

At the right top of the Wiki you find "create an account or log in". Register with your nickname and leave your e-mail address.

You will receive an e-mail, confirm it by clicking the link or copy it to your web browser.

Then log in on and you can edit or create articles, also you can upload files - if you want to publish a photo or drawing.

If you add or edit an article at a later time it will refer to your login name.

For searching and just reading the content you dont have to be logged in.


Type the keyword into the search field to the left. Do this also before you add an article - to be sure to find the right chapter or point (i.e 3.06 Cylinder). You can add further points as you like, but the best way is to name it like: 3.06.01 Cylinder Honing. Also mind that the readers may expect some info in different chapters. Like 'Sparkplugs' may be described in both Chapter 2. Maintenance as well as in 4. Electrical System. You can also link keywords of your article to other chapters - more on this issue later.

Edit an Article

First find a chapter and the point it belongs to. For example 3.06 Cylinder. Click on this point. If this article is empty there will open an editor. Invent a headline like 3.06.02 Piston rings and start to write your text (or cut & paste it from a textfile). Click on the button 'Save Page'.

That's all.

If there is already written something under 3.06 there will open the article and not the editor. Click on the tab 'edit' on the top of the page and you can change and add the content. Click on the button 'Save Page'. To create a new article you have to create a link (see 5) first.

Add a Picture

First take a few minutes to sort your pictures locally on your computer. A good format for photos is *.jpg. For drawings I recommend to use *.gif (its not compressed and much better for line drawings like wire diagrams). The Wiki expects pictures to be under 100 Kilobytes though bigger pictures will be accepted. Bring the photos to the right format (i.e Photoshop or similar programs), the pictures will appear the same size as you submit them. Sizes over 640x480 points will take the whole webpage and take a long time to load if somebody wants to read your article.

Also care for the filename. It's a good idea to set your user name at the beginning of the filename like:




Print a list of these filenames.

Now log in under your name (only registered users can upload) and click in the toolbox (left side under the search box) on 'Upload file'. Choose the file you have prepared and click the Button 'Upload file'.

Now you have to set a link to these pictures in your article. Open your article again and click the tab 'edit' and click on the button with the little painting on it. There appears ||Image:Example.jpg|| - change it to ||Image:herbs.Pistonrings01.jpg||. Click the save button.

That's all.


You can refer to another article of this Wiki. Open the editor, click the button 'Ab'. There appears ||Link title|| - change this to ||3. Engine|| - 3. Engine is an already existing page or a page you have added (its the title of the page what the link refers to). After clicking the save button you have the link there. If you want to create a new page you click on the empty link and the editor will open. You can also add a link to another website. Click the button with the globe and insert your website under | link title|.

Things to care about

In general it is better to add or complete an existing article then to delete or overwrite some previous text. If you delete text be careful to leave the links there - the page where the link refers to may get lost. If you not sure ask at our mailing list yam650<at> (registration required) or drop me an e-mail on admin_650<at>

Please try to keep the description technical and efficient. Bigger reports, Bike projects or long stories and also personal information are much better hostet on Doonie's owner's site - You can always refer to your or Doon's page by setting a link to it.

For the case you find technical problems with this 650WIKI.ORG or if something is wrong with the server its running on - feel free to contact me at admin_650<at>

Enjoy it!

--herbs 23:22, 21 Jun 2005 (CEST)


Technical info about the Wiki server

About this server: Technical Info, Wiki-host

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