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1.01. Hurt Report Summary (by Harry Hurt)1.01. Models1.02. Engine Identification
1.03. Tools1.04. Conversion Factors1.05. Torque Specifications
1.06. Foibles1.07. Gasoline Rating Europe - US1.08. Building a Better Twin (The Minton Mods)
1.09. Compatible fork diameters1. General Information10.01. Rims, Wheels and Hubs
10.02. Horn and Starter buttons - 70 - 80's Yamaha10.03. Header Pipes, Mufflers, Exhaust Systems10.04. Wheels and Rims
10.05. Street Tracker Kit10. Items for Sale/Wanted11. Links
12.01. Bulb to Diode12.02. Cafe Racer Idea12.03. Carburettor balance
12.04. Centre stand technique12.05. Counter steering12.06. Cylinder miss
12.07. Electrolysis12.08. Electric start problem fix12.09. Foibles of the XS650
12.10. Hidden air screws12.11. Letter to a bike magazine12.12. Mixture adjustment
12.13. Rotor drilling12.14. Brush Painting Pointers12.15. Setting Valves
12.16. Swing arm fix12.17. Valve spring compressor12.18. 'Cool Tool' for stud extraction
12.19.1. The $2.05 Carb Syncronizer (premium edition)12.19. The $1.55 Carb Syncronizer12.20. Repair a leaking crankcase
12. Tips & Tricks13. Safety14. Recipes
15. Parts, Evaluation of Quality2.01. Lubrication2.02. Engine Oil Changing
2.03. Oil Filter2.04. Control Cables2.05. Speedometer Cable
2.06. Changing Fork Oil2.07. Engine Tuning2.08. Valves
2.09. Battery2.10. Fuses2.11. Spark Plugs
2.12. Capacitors2.13. Ignition Coil2.14. Breaker Points
2.15. Ignition Timing2.16. Carburetor2.17. Air Filters
2.18. Clutch adjustment2.19. Disc Brake2.20. Drum Brake Adjustment
2.21. Brake Light Adjustment2.22. Drive Chain2.23. Stripped threads
2.24. Tach/Speedo repair2. Maintenance3.01. Engine (Drawing)
3.02. Cylinder Head Cover3.03. Advance Rod Unit3.04. Rocker Arm and Shaft
3.05. Cylinder Head3.06. Cylinder3.07. Primary Case
3.08.01 Oil Circulation3.08.02 Oil Filtration3.08.03 Oil Pump
3.08. Oil Circulation System3.09. Break-in3.11. Setting the Valves
3.12. Factory Timing Specifications3.21. Polishing the Engine Sidecases3.30. Top End Teardown
3.40. Top End Reassembly3. Engine4.00. General
4.01. Battery4.02. Ignition Switch4.03. Ignition
4.03a. Capacitors4.04. Voltage Regulator4.05. Rectifier
4.06. Alternator4.07. Headlight4.08. Taillight, Flasher Lights, Horn
4.09. Electric Starter4.10. Wiring4.11. Wiring Diagrams
4.12. Converting Gauge and Indicator Lights to LED's4.13. LED Running Lights4.14. Tracker Battery/Electrics Box
4.15. Watch Dog Circuit4. Electrical System5.01. Tank
5.02.1 Vac Petcock Conversion5.02. Petcocks5.03.1 Replacement Diaphram from XS400
5.03. Carburetors5.04. Air Filters5.05. Stock Carb Specs (U.S.)
5.06. Stock Carb Fasteners5. Fuel System6.01. Seat
6.02. Battery and Tool Box6.03. Frame6.04. Front Forks
6.05. Shock Absorber6.06. Swing Arm6.07. Wheels and Spokes
6.08. Front Wheel6.09. Rear Wheel6.10. Wheel Trueing
6.11. Wheel Lacing6.12. Wheel Balancing6.13. Wheel alignment
6.14. Tires6.15. Seals and Bearings6.16. Rear Sprocket
6.17. Drum Brakes6.18. Disc Brakes6.19. Paint
6. Chassis7.01. Rephasing7.02. Sidecar attachments
7.03. Don's Project7.04. Other Projects7. Various
8. Troubleshooting9.10. Titanium Valves9.11. Silicon bronze valve guides
9.12. Titanium retainers9.13. Right hand shift9.14. 800cc Virago cylinder liners
9.15. Larger carbs9.16. Rephased camshaft9.17. Rephase crankshaft
9.20. Dual disk conversion9.20. Rephasing9.30. Motor hop ups
9.40. Captain Midnight's Street/Flat tracker conversion9.42. Don's fully restored XS9.50. How to chop an XS
9.60. Brake disk drilling9. Mods & CustomizingAssign for account
Damaged Stator (sketch)Early XS650E (Engine 2F0-000101 to 2F0 006501) Color SchemeGoran's Boyer drawings, B&W and color (large files)
Goran's points drawings, B&W and Color (large files)Introduction to WikiLate XS650E & All XS650SE, 2F & SF Color Scheme
Main PageSandboxSimplified charging diagram for choppers
TX650A Color SchemeTechnical Info, Wiki-hostXS1 & XS1B
XS2 & TX650XS2 & TX650 Color SchemeXS2 & TX650 Color Scheme reworked version
XS650B & CXS650B & C Color SchemeXS650D
XS650D Color SchemeXS650GXS650G, H, SH
XS650G Color SchemeXS650SG, H & SH Color SchemeXS650 '81 revised
XS650 EuropeXS650 Simplified (sketch)
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