9.40. Captain Midnight's Street/Flat tracker conversion

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I have a used Champion frame. I am thinking of something that I can drive around town for fun, and take to the indoor flat track on practice days, and play around.

For street, I have a set of mag wheels, with street gearing and dual front disk brakes. For track, I am using the stock front hub with no brakes, like a spool, and a 19 inch Akront rim. The rear, is a 18 inch Akront rim, with a thinned and drilled rotor, stock caliper but the hanger has been stream-lined. Dunlop makes the K-180 in 19 and 18 inch. Roller bearings replace the bushings in the swing arm. Re-valved (damper rods drilled) stock 35mm forks.

Motor is bored and sleeved to 750cc, and re-phased crank. Shell cam with gear sloted for timing adjustments. Headers from a Triumph cut and welded to fit. Mega-Squirt fuel injection box. Buel 42mm throttle body.

Chain converted to 520 from 530. Solid aluminum handle bars from a 70's moto-crosser with 714 grips. Intake spigots welded to head. Fiberglass gas tank, seat pan, and rear fender.(More later)


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