9.11. Silicon bronze valve guides

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I want to put in silicon guides, but I can't find any large enough. Maybe I'll try using liners. Any ideas?

Hi there! I have tried removing the stock cast guides on at least 6 heads and all attempts were failures to obtain proper alignment with the valve face to the seat and reasons are when you remove the old guide,you bring with it bits of aluminum out of the guide hole and when attempting to install the new guides,they distort out of alignment. If the guides are indeed worn,you'd be best to install the manganese bronze liners(I thinks that's the proper name) there much harder than the silicone and will last 10 times longer and you'll have no line up problems associated with this method.......Jack

You need to heat cylinder head to approximately 350 degrees F and drive out guides while hot. 
Refit new guides while head is still hot. No need to freeze them (if you do freeze, you need to coat outside of guide with grease to prevent condensation forming) 



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