7.03. Don's Project

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Donebysunday, XS650 projects:

This is one of my recent projects a 77D:

First - I made it run, it had a blown head gasket thanks to me not checking that the P.O had been into it and left the head nuts loose !

Image:F 77 1.jpg

The next step was to pretty it up a bit paint the tank frame and side covers, here is the picture

Image:F 77.jpg

Now done and sold.

Here's a 75 I did last year too,

Image:F 75 2.jpg

Here's my 83 Master of Sparks

Image:Master of Sparks 052.jpg

My 77 sat for many years next to a garage because of a leaking float, then I got it !

Image: Strictly Bidness 052.jpg


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