6.15. Seals and Bearings

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Steering Head Bearings.

Per Göran Persson's Web site.

Upper Steering Head Bearing and Race:

25Y / 48YS

Lower Steering Head Bearing and Race:

30Y / 48 KS

Chart: [1]

Please note that in some packages, the appropriate race & bearing combinations are mispackaged. Read the bearing and race numbers from the parts to determine the appropriate combinations.

When I removed the stock ball bearings, I boogered up the seal. Mike's XS did not have a replacement. I found one at bikebandit.com. Others have had luck at their Yamaha dealers. Also note that at bikebandit, I had trouble finding the part for my year (1977). I found the part by searching for a 1980. As both have 35mm forks I am confident in the validity of this approach.


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