6.14. Tires

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6.14.01. Choosing a Tire

Cheng Shin is your brand for high quality low priced tires. My current favorite tires are Cheng Shin Barracuda sport touring, good in the rain but they're not really good on dirt unless you don't mind riding slowly. I had been running Metzler Marathons on my Heritage but they weren't particularly grippy and I wore the rears out rather quickly...expensive too! Another tire I like that's not quite as long wearing as the Barracudas but also good in the rain and a little cheaper is Cheng Shin Hi Max (Metzler Lazer knock-off). A good choice for both pavement and packed dirt is the Cheng Shin Dunlop K70 copy though I don't think they're available to fit your Special's 16" rear wheel but for the front would work well. Stay away from the Cheng Shin Marquis, especially the front which has terrible steering feel.

This is an internet seller with lots of illustrations of Cheng Shins:


6.14.02 Differences of XS Special and XS Standard

Standard rear tire is 110/90-18. Special rear tire is 130/90-16. Because the Standard tire is narrower it corners quicker. Because the Special tire is wider it's steadier in a straight line. Overall gearing will not change as the two tires are essentially the same outside diameter.

Front tire for all models is 100/90-19.


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