5.06. Stock Carb Fasteners

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Stock fasteners are phillips head screws. Many times they are difficult to remove, and replacing the phillips head screws with external hex or socket head screws will make servicing considerably easier. Please note that "black" coated socket head fasteners are not designed for external use and will rust quickly.

Here is the parts list for the 80-84 US bikes, or any bikes with Mikuni BS34 carbs.

Bracket Screws - qty 4 (per bike) M6x1.0 x 14mm External Hex ok (I went with the 10.9 grade steel zinc coated 16mm length and washers.)

Float Bowl Screws - qty 8 M5x0.8 x 14mm Socket Head Cap Screws (SHCS - allen heads) req'd Split Lock Washers needed (Stainless 16mm length with flat and lock washers was my choice here.)

Diaphram Top Screws - qty 8 M5x0.8 x 10mm SHCS req'd (I went chrome plated screws.)

Matt Q.


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