4.11. Wiring Diagrams

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Wiring Diagrams

These diagrams are quite large files. Depending on your connection and the server load it can take them some time to appear - be patient.

4.11.01. XS1 & XS1B

4.11.02. XS2 & TX650

4.11.03. XS650B & C

4.11.04. XS650D

4.11.05. XS650G see (1) footnote!!!

4.11.06. XS650G, H, SH see (1) footnote!!!

4.11.07 XS650 Europe see (1) footnote!!!

4.11.08. XS650 Simplified (sketch)

4.11.09. Damaged Stator (sketch)

4.11.10. Simplified charging diagram for choppers

4.11.11. XS650 '81 revised

4.11.12. Goran's points drawings, B&W and Color (large files)

4.11.13. Goran's Boyer drawings, B&W and color (large files)

New Color Diagrams

4.11.30. Late XS650E & All XS650SE, 2F & SF Color Scheme

4.11.31. TX650A Color Scheme

4.11.32. XS2 & TX650 Color Scheme XS2 & TX650 Color Scheme reworked version

4.11.33. XS650B & C Color Scheme

4.11.34. XS650D Color Scheme

4.11.35. Early XS650E (Engine 2F0-000101 to 2F0 006501) Color Scheme

4.11.36. XS650G Color Scheme

4.11.37. XS650SG, H & SH Color Scheme

(1) footnote:

Looking at the Wiki site, electrical diagrams for the G, H and SH are wrong, and anyone following them will be in a world of grief, particularly if trouble shooting the alternator. For example, it shows the alternator rotor grounded as in the earlier, models, which it is not. Both the Yamaha manual and Clymer are wrong. Here it is, although it is still incomplete in that the clutch starter overide switch is not shown. But at least the wires that are there are shown correctly.

Use this diagram:

4.11.11. XS650 '81 revised

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