4.10. Wiring

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How does the handle bar switches get their ground?

The switches on the H-Bar are grounded by a grounding strap (wire) connected to one of the H-Bar mounting brackets. If you look at the left bracket that holds the H-Bar on, down underneath where the nut/washer compresses the rubber H-Bar dampners, you should see a pigtail wire running from the nut to the frame. This connects the mount to frame ground. The mount grounds the H-Bar, and the switches have a copper tab that touches the H-Bar when the two switch halves are bolted to the bar. This complets the ground path.

Other sources of information

Ken Maxwell has a CD available called THE YAMAHA 650 WIRING EXPLAINED that explains the Yamaha 650 wiring in detail, along with test procedures. You can purchase a copy by visiting his website.


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