4.08. Taillight, Flasher Lights, Horn

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Turn Signals / Flashers

One problem 650 owners have encountered is that the turn signals stop flashing when stock bulbs are replaced, for example with LED units. If the replacements draw less current than the stock units, the flasher unit will not trigger properly. Replacement flash units from other motorcycles and possibly automobiles may work as replacements, but will not retain all the features of the stock unit.

The stock flasher 1) requires stock wattage from the turn signals & 2) will maintain the auto-cancellation feature.

Certain non-stock flashers will function as flashers with non-stock voltage, but will NOT retain the auto-cancellation feature.

The self-cancelling turn signals work in combination with a reed-switch in the speedometer. The turn signals will shut off once the LAST of the following things happen: 1) a certain number of flashes have occurred or 2) a certain distance has been travelled.

Lastly, from memory, the bulbs used on the 650 are 1156 and 1158 (in the US). I don't recall though which is the dual-filament bulb intended for the tail light and which is the single-filament bulb for turn signals.

The EL-13 automotive flasher unit, common in any basic parts store, will function as a suitable replacement. As stated above, you will loose the automatic canceling feature found in the stock unit. The EL-13 is not dependant on current draw from the bulbs as it contains a simple solid state timing function. Its form factor is very close to the original flasher unit, having just a slightly diminished diameter. A small strip of inner-tube rubber wrapped around the unit will take up this slack and provide some dampening of the XS-ive vibrations.

Tail Light

Most XS use 27w/8w 1157 bulbs. The 80-84 Specials use two of these bulbs.

-Matt Q.

License Plate Lights

80-84 Specials use two 194 automotive type bulbs in the 3.8W size.

-Matt Q.


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