4.05. Rectifier

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On a XS 650 '79 non electronic you should have the rectifier (the 6 diodes) and the regulator (little relays in a tin box [see 4.04. Voltage Regulator]) separately. The rectifier is under the battery cage, remove the battery cage to get access to it. The three white cables from the end of the coils of the stator go into it. The diodes of the rectifier convert AC (from the alternating field of the alt.-coils) to DC (for battery of course). The rotor gets voltage from the battery, builds up a magnetic field and inducts the stator coils.


A sketch of the diodes inside the rectifier

If you rev the engine higher the voltage would increase too much. To avoiding this there is the regulator. It switches the circuit from rotor to battery on if the voltage is too low and off if it is too high.

Some models (XS'es?) have the regulator and rectifier as a whole unit. Yours should have it separate. For better understanding I recommend you to see the old circuit diagrams (XS1 & XS2) from the Clymer manual and focus only on the charging circuit - it's independent from all the other stuff like the relays under the seat.


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