4.04. Voltage Regulator

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4.04.01 Voltage Regulator

The purpose of the voltage regulator is to keep the voltage under 14 Volt.

It controls the electrical current from the battery to the rotor. The rotor builds up an magnetic field and inducts the coils (3 coils) of the stator. If the output of the stator gets to high then the Voltage Regulator interrupts the circuit to the rotor and the magnetic field as well and the output of the stator stops.


Since there is no permanent magnet inducting the stator the XS can not be started without a battery. No battery = no initial magnetic field from the rotor = no electrical current to get a spark from the ignition.


The stator delivers an alternating current. This is rectified (making direct current) by the rectifier.

See 4.05. Rectifier


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