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The charging circuit is one unit: The three phases of the stator go to the original rectifier. And the regulator, an electronic one or with a relay inside (original '79 with relay) switches the rotor on/off. This unit charges the battery.

The ignition switch is the gateway between battery and the ignition with the breaker points what should be seen as the second unit.

Also the lights (as a third unit) gets connected to the battery over the ignition switch.

The electric starter is originally equipped with a 'safety relay' which prevents you from switching on the starter motor while the engine is running. The yellow wire from the stator (where the three coils join) operates this relay. Clymer 'XS2 & TX650' page 216 shows how it works.

Clymer wiring diagram 'XS1 & XS1B' (page 215) is a good source.

--herbs 20:51, 10 Jun 2005 (CEST)

Göran Persson's Site contains some great photos of how he modified the stock XS650 electrical system.


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