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3.07.01 Clutch seal changing


New and old clutch pushrod seals above.


Leaking output shaft seal left, with a clean spot at the bottom where leaking oil has washed the chain grime away. The new replacement seal is on the right. The old countershaft sprocket seal comes right out with a small flat screwdriver, after removing the countershaft sprocket nut, and slipping off the sprocket and rear drive chain. (below)


This is a "chamfering tool" made to remove the sharp inside edges off of machined pipe or other circular parts machined on a lathe. It works great to remove the sharp machined edge on the engine cases that were line bored when manufactured for different transmisson shafts that left a dangerous sharp edge where the seals are installed. The sharp edges can cut and shave off the outside rubber edge of new seals when installing / replacing them from the outside, or can cut your fingers so be careful.


Once the opening edges in the cases have been chamfered, (the sharp edge rounded off), the seal is coated with a light finger painting coating of three bond 1104 and the seals are pushed in place by hand. Do not drive them with a socket or seal installer, it may work OK but will probably trash or deform the seal. The output shaft seal above I pushed right into place with my thumbs. That leaking clutch push rod seal to the left of it is replaced next below.


The clutch push rod seal also pops right out with a small flat tip screwdriver. It can be chamfered with the same chamfering tool except for a small spot at the crankcase seam that protrudes out by the seal opening at the fron of the opening.


A knife works perfectly to shave off the sharp edge on the cases that can cut the seals outer edge on installation. The end of the transmission input shaft and the clutch pushrod bushing is visible in the transmission shaft in the above image with the clutch pushrod seal removed.


The new clutch pushrod seal is also given a very light coat of Three Bond 1104 and pushed into place with only my thumbs. Thats it!! Two new seals installed above!


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