3.06. Cylinder

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Stuck Engine

Remove the spark plugs and put either Marvel Mystery Oil, diesel fuel or kerosene (parafin in Britspeak) into the cylinders using a funnel. Fill 'em right up. I only had a little MMO so my friend gave me some diesel so I had both in the cyls. Let soak overnight at least. I waited a couple of days. Take a turkey baster or large syringe with a short length of fuel line on the end and stick it in the plug holes and suck out the diesel. Roll the bike outside (you might have a little diesel squirt out the plug holes when it breaks loose). Put bike in 5th gear and rock it back and forth 'til it breaks the motor loose. I suppose MMO is the best stuff to use but diesel or kero is cheaper.


Replacement Piston Rings

The Hastings part number is 2C4640 http://www.hastingsmfg.com/catalog/catintr.asp There are equivalent rings from other manufacturers for some 1500cc Accuras and Hondas but at least a couple of people specifically recommended the Hastings rings so that's what I went with.


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