3.05. Cylinder Head

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3.05.01 Valve Removal Tools

Here is a pic of my poor-man's valve removal tool. The special bit is a 1" copper end cap. The holes could've been drilled larger to ease re-installation.


Here is an action shot. Be careful to not let the pecarious assembly slip apart. You could lose a small part (not to mention an eye.) This is an assembly photo. For disassembly, I used a socket instead of the copper end cap. Once the spring was compressed, I shook the head to get the keepers to fall off the valve.



3.05.02 Head Gasket

Last night I was thumbing thru Mikes new catalog and noticed the early engines had a much different head gasket than the later 447 motor. This morning I removed the head off this '81 that leaks oil so bad and found the PO had in fact installed a XS-1 head gasket on it. I knew it as soon as I pulled the head off. That's why she's leaking oil! The PO had also installed a new cam chain guide and new cam chain as well, so those positives kinda offset the negative.

Larry in AZ



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