2.23. Stripped threads

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Stripped threads and how to fix them

So you have a stripped thread well here's a couple of ways to repair them.

The first way is to install a threaded insert. In the past I always relied on the ole Helicoil trick especially in areas where it gets really hot like the exhaust or heads. Recently I was shown a new way . . .

of installing a threaded insert. Here is the site that shows how to install the insert. Pretty cool


A picture is worth a thousand words so what can you say about a video.


The second way is to fill in the hole then drill and tap it.

For this procedure I use JB Weld. This stuff is great but it will only take temperatures up to 500 degrees F. I used it on a cracked VW block and it held for over 5 years. I used acetone to clean the crack and then clamped the crack for 24 hours. On a stripped thread just put enough in the hole to cover the threads and then drill and tap it. The idea is to be able to run the same threads and not cut all new threads. I use a wooden dowel to insure the goop is pushed into the threads. If you use the fast acting JB Weld you can be back in business in about 10 minutes.


Permatex makes a Stripped Thread repair goop. Never tried it but they say it works. Available at NAPA part # 765-1248. I notice that it will not withstand as much heat as JB Weld.

If you are going to use the old stud or bolt make sure you chase the threads.

Any suggestions let me know ping me

Kibokojoe cfsboy<at>sbcglobal.net www.freewebs.com/kibokojoe


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