2.17. Air Filters

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See also: 5.04. Air Filters

2.17.1 Definition

Air filters help prevent airborne debris from entering the carburetors and causing damage to the engine. Changing out the stock air filters with bigger ones (like K&Ns) is a common performance mod. Swapping out the stock air filters with aftermarket filters may require you to adjust or re-jet your carburetors.

View of bike with airbox cover removed.
The air filter can be pulled out by hand. This picture shows a replacement OEM filter from MikesXS.

2.17.2 Maintenance Procedure

Air filters should be checked when you buy your XS650 and every 1,000 miles (or more often if you operate the bike in a dusty area). They are easy to maintain or replace. The maintenance procedure for stock air filters is the following:

1. Remove the side covers.

2. Unscrew the airbox cover bolt and remove the cover.

3. Slide the air filter out by pulling it toward you.

4. Check condition of air filter.

5. Cleaning the filter depends on what kind of filter you have. Regular filters can be cleaned using compressed air. Washable foam filters can be cleaned by soaking them in kerosene, drying with compressed air, then soaking them in oil and squeezing out the excess.

6. Slide the clean filter into the airbox and close it up by tightening the cover bolt.


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