2.14. Breaker Points

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2.14.1 Alternative Method for Setting Points

Set both points timing adjustment plates to the center of their available travel.

Rotate the engine such that the right cylinder is on its compression stroke. Line up the markings on the rotor and stator such that the engine is at the firing mark. On my '78SE, this mark is indicated by |F|, I set the rotor's mark to line up with the more clockwise | mark

Now, set the points gap for the right side to be just barely zero. Some very thin cellophane, such as the kind around ciggarette packs works well for this. Place the cellophane between the points and adjust so that it just barely can be tugged free of them with some slight drag.

Rotate the engine 360 degrees and do the same for the left side points.

Now utilize whichever method you typically use to check things, a buzz-box, ohm meter, or timing strobe light and test your settings. If you're checking things engine-off, spin the engine through several revolutions to ensure the settings are being maintained. It's always been easier for me to use the timing strobe light with the engine on. The setting can now be fine tuned using only slight adjustments to the timing plates. Set right side first, then left.

I've found this method to allow much more rapid adjustment with much less frustration and agrivation. It's allowed me to adjust points that previously seemed unadjustable using the traditional method.


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