2.12. Capacitors

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Capacitors (or condensers) are connected parallel to each of the ignition's points. Their function is to eliminate the sparks on the points when they open, they 'suck up' the sizzling. The timing of the ignition is more precise then and also the points do not burn down.

Healthy capacitors should leave the working points without a visible spark. Easy way to check this is by taking a look at night.

If the capacitors fail, there also can be the points shorted -- so the XS wont start then or will not run on one cylinder. You can disconnect the capacitors and try to start it, it should work though the idling will not be stable.

Bad capacitors will show by sparking points, unsteady idling or complete failing of the ignition.

The XS has both capacitors of each set of points built in a single aluminum can what is located under the tank.



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