2.03. Oil Filter

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2.03.01 Oil Filter

The oil filter is located behind a cavity plate on the right side case cover. The cover can be removed by loosening the two bolts on either side of the cover.

Oil Filter Illustrations
Image:oil_filter_cavity.jpg Image:oil_filter_new_old.jpg
View of the oil filter cavity
An old and new oil filter

Maintenance Procedure

1. Drain the oil from the bike by removing the oil drain plug and sump drain plug (underside of engine)

2. Remove the two screws holding the cavity plate in place on the right side case cover.

3. Loosen the bolt holding the oil filter in place and remove the oil filter.

4. Inspect the oil filter for damage (tears in the screen) and excessive debris. Clean with solvent.

5. Check the condition of the gaskets on the oil filter and on the cavity plate. Replace if necessary.

6. Replace the oil filter in the cavity and tighten down the bolt holding it in place. Be sure not to over tighten!

7. Replace the cavity cover and tighten the two bolts holding it in place.

2.03.02 Sump Filter

The sump filter is located on the underside of the engine and can be removed by loosening six bolts that hold the sump plate in place.


Stock sump filters are known to tear easily, allowing bits of metal and other debris to circulate freely in the engine instead of being caught by the sump filter.

Goran's site shows a great illustration of the kinds of tears the stock sump filters tend to have.

Maintenance Procedure

1. Drain the oil from the bike by removing both the oil drain plug and sump drain plug.

2. Remove the sump plate by loosening the six 6mm bolts holding it in place.

3. Inspect the sump filter for tears in the screen. If the sump filter is the original, it will probably be torn and need to be replaced. Also check to see if there is an unusual amount of metal shavings or plastic caught in the filter, this may be an indication of problems with the cam chain tensioner.

4. Clean the sump filter with solvent, this will remove particles from the screen. Clean any debris off of the magnet.

5. Check the condition of the gasket on the sump plate and replace if necessary. If you do replace the gasket, make sure that any remains of the old gasket/glue/etc. are removed and the surfaces are clean.

6. Bolt the sump plate assembly back onto the bike using the six 6mm bolts. Be sure not to over-tighten: torque specifications are 1.0m-kg (7.2 ft-lb).

Dont use a ratchet on the 6mm bolts what fastens the plate to the engine case - the aluminin cast threads will strip easy. A good idea is to fasten them with a screwdriver-type handle and a 10mm nut on.

2.03.03 Alternative Oil Filters

Several people have successfully designed alternative systems that accommodate spin on oil filters in the place of the strainers described above.

Mike's XS sells a Performance Oil Filter & Cooler Kit developed by Heiden Tuning of Holland that uses a Honda paper filter. Usually found in the Engine:Lubrication section.



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