2.01. Lubrication

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Oil Level

Problem: the oil blows out at the breather hose.

Some kind of oils - as I had to experience - increase their volume pretty much when they get hotter. I had this strange problem with Motul Semisynthetic 10W50 on my XS. Probably its because of the wide viscosity range..

Though, it happened only when it was filled up to the top mark of the dipstick.

By the use of ordinary mineral oil I could avoid it to get blown out at the breather hose - I think low viscosity range (i.e 20W40 instead 10W50) tends not to increase its volume so much.

Another thing I never knew for sure is: The oil level is checked with the dipstick screwed in or just by laying on the thread of the filler hole? The manual says to unscrew the dipstick, clean it and measure by just laying it on the top of the thread.

--herbs 07:01, 11 Jun 2005 (CEST)

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