15. Parts, Evaluation of Quality

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This Wiki-section gives you the opportunity to let the XS-650 community know about the quality of the aftermarket parts you use.

Mike's XS

- Sump Oil Filter - PASS. Modified to prevent torn screen problem on OEM filters. Has held up for years.

- 36 pc. 18" rear spoke kit - FAIL. Spoke bend at hub end is incorrect. 40 spokes in kit, probably for a Brit bike.

- Oil Pump Outer Rotor - FAIL. Too thick. Over 8mm. Pump is locked tight with part installed.

- Carburetor kits - PASS. Good selection of jets and parts at good prices.

- Gaskets - PASS. No problems.

- Fork gaiters - FAIL. Very poor quality rubber. Tore apart when trying to install.

- Sprockets - PASS. Good selection. Get steel ones.

- Petcock rubber back plate gaskets - FAIL - too thin, the petcock leaked.

- fuel filters, P/N 20-0013-FAIL-they leak and engine heat melts them

- Dual lobe cam - FAIL - lobes improperly machined making the points opening too early or too late.

- Dual lobe ignition cam - PASS - timing was with in the factory tollerance between cylinders.

- Single lobe ignition cam - FAIL - Pin slot not cut wide enough to slide over pin.

- Mirrors - FAIL. Poor quality mirrors not even close to the originals, they are fragile and do not stay put with bike's vibrations

- Blind Spot mirrors 16-4655 - Chrome on stems rusted within 6 months. Rubber surrounds failed, mirrors fall out

- Speedometer - FAIL 03-0754 trip meter failed(fell to pieces) at 10,000k. Needle started reading 40km high and sticking at 14,000. Back lighting poor.

- Matching tacho LED backlit, speedo incandescent, Nickel plated not chrome as advertised.

- Elephant foot equipped rockers -FAIL- center line of Adjuster screw ~ 1/16" off to the right of the center line of valve stem During a test fit, one rocker held a valve off it's seat... After machining 30 thou off the underside, finally got 10 thou clearance max between adjuster and Valve stem

650 Central

- Brake parts - PASS. UMMM is the only person to trust with brakes.


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