12.15. Setting Valves

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Valve Set Fine Tuning

I like to use a snug 3 and 6 (cold). My '78 specs .004" for the intakes, but if I use that, they tick. It's an accepted practice to use this .003" intake and .006" exhaust for all but the very early models. The reason I make them snug is because these inch values are based on conversions from metric ones. The .06mm intake and .15mm exhaust specs actually convert to .0024" and .0059", slightly less than 3 and 6 thou, hence my snug settings.

Many times, when I tighten the locknut, my clearance ends up bigger. When this happens, I place the box wrench on the locknut and tap it slightly tighter with a rubber mallet. This tightens the adjuster screw slightly as well and gives me back that nice heavy drag on the feeler gauge I'm after.

Here's an interesting read on valve clearances. According to this guy, the loss of clearance as the motor heats up was more a pushrod engine thing. OHC motors don't lose much and may gain some clearance when hot.


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