10.01. Rims, Wheels and Hubs

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Rims for sale

Standard Shouldered alum rims Takasago 36 spokes Mid 1970's

WM2 1.85 x 19 Price new 151.00 - Asking $50.00

Image:19sh_whl.jpg Image:19sh_close.jpg

WM3 2.15 x 18 Price new 171.00 - Asking $50.00

Image:18sh_whl.jpg Image:18sh_whl_close.jpg

These rims are in very good condition. Some pitting on center section in valley on each side of spoke holes. Some nicks and dings. Structurally excellent and not bent. Rims have been stripped and polished with Scotchbrite to satin finish. Photos showing pits were taken with shadows in pits to bring them out. They are not dark pits. Will take some elbow grease to remove the pits or rims could be powder coated.

Special Unshouldered alum rims Takasago 36 spokes 1979 Special II

WM2 1.85 x 19 Price new $130.00 - Asking $65.00



WM4.5 2.75 x 16 Price new $196 - Asking $75.00



These rims are in excellent condition. Clear lacquer is missing in many places, but no corrosion or pitting. They need to be stripped polished and clear coated and will look like new. I believe these rims were only offered for one year on the 1979 Special II. The rear is not listed on Buchanan's or East Coast sites. New prices above are lowest from either Buchanan's or East Coast Wheels.

Contact Rob Sigond at robert.sigond<at>ge.com


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